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When I look in the mirror I am concerned that I am not myself. I am at war, struggling within the self. Red, powerfully powerless and full of power.                                                      "Why do sadness birds ."

Holly Timpener, MA is a queer, non-binary performance artist working in-depth with themes of Queer trauma and Queer resistance. They use performance as a way to challenge and understand their place in this world, and to investigate how Queer people and communities are connected. Performance allows them to confront issues related to gender, intimacy, trauma, and the body by engaging themes of trust, power, control, and consent. These themes are approached from a personal perspective, along with research collected from within Queer communities. One-on-one performances allow them to receive stories and experiences of other Queer folks, which they reflect on and respond to through performative expression.


Timpener is currently investigating internal transformations in durational performance art and its relationship to non-binary and transgender identities. They are interested in finding an accessible language wherein discourses surrounding internal transformations and their connection to non-binary and transgender identity can emerge. They believe it is within the embodiment of affectual transformation that queer resistance is created through performative action.

Balancing their personal experience, knowledge, and memories with insight gained through Queer community research, Timpener embodies "The Personal Is Political" in a modern sociopolitical context. Within their works, they claim ownership of their own body and reflect on the trauma woven into the lived experience of being Queer.  Timpener’s work communicates identity, sexuality, community, and creates strong images that transmute the space, public, and themself into a new awareness.


Timpener is currently a Ph.D. student at Concordia University. They hold an Interdisciplinary Masters degree from York University (2021). Timpener has held several international residencies and worked with multiple festivals including Month of Performance Art  - Berlin (2013), Sled Island Festival - Calgary (2013), Nuit Blanche - Calgary (2014), and Nuit Blanche - Toronto (2015). Their work has been featured at Stride Gallery (Calgary AB, 2015), The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto ON, 2014/2016), and Espacio Centro Gallery (Oaxaca, Mexico, 2015). They have been honored to have worked several times with La Pocha Nosta at Montreal Arts Interculturels (2017), in the Paseo Festival (2019), and Encuentro in Mexico City (2019). Timpener has also conducted a workshop in Helsinki, Finland at the Lapsody Festival (2017). In 2018, they performed at RIPPA Montreal, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre for the Rhubarb Festival, and collaborated on a performative film with Rojin Shafiei for Never Apart Gallery in Montreal. In 2020 Timpener has collaborated with VestAndPage in correlation with the Venice International Performance Art Week, performed virtually at the Drip Performance Festival (Liverpool, UK), and worked with The Holy Gasp to present a 9-hour durational performance entitled Grief. Most recently in 2021 Timpener has been collaborating with artist and friend Tess Martens on live and virtual works shown with FADO and the Lots of Love Festival.

They are a founding member of the collective NO OBJECT and in 2019 established a queer performance event entitled Pi*llOry that shows three times a year in Toronto. 

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