While Living in self Isolation in different parts of Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic, artists Holly Timpener and Tess Martens create work to keep connected to one another and comment on daily actives performed while in isolation. Three times a day Martens and Timpener perform a chosen activity for 30 minutes. Each performance creates time for the artists to transmute though space and be with each other. The filmed actions are put together side by side so that witnesses can see our connection, even though this virus keeps us apart. 

Photo by Jacques Martens

No Object

Photo by Henry Chan

No Object is a multi-generational group of performance artists working to create a social alterity. It’s members Adam Filek, lo bil, Branda Dale, David Frankovich, Holly Timpener, and Johannes Zits, work with a minimal aesthetic, performing in empty spaces without any objects or clothing. We focus on the potential of the body.  
Our practice requires us to be in the moment, conscious of each other and aware of our bodies in relationship to others and our surroundings. Our group’s name comes from a desire to move beyond an objectification of the naked body. In witnessing our performances, audience members tend to move beyond seeing our work as a spectacle of nudity and are able to delve into a deeper awareness of their own potential embodiment. 
No Object has been together since the beginning of the year and have performed in January for the first Duration and Dialogue Festival at Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, in May at Open Studio, Artscape Youngplace Centre and at Test Drive for Dancemakers, and in August for The Naked State Artist Residency. 


Photo by Chris Blanchenot

Kinsfolk is Holly and Jackie Timpener.  We are creating work inspired by the tail of the bearded lady.  Working in beards we are constantly examining themes of identity, beauty and memory. We believe that the female experience has placed us within a 'box' and we use our work as a way to escape this containment. We are interested in questioning gender divides,expectations of gender and the judgment placed on appearance. We are longing to create new ideas of how we can live within this world as our true selves, with out shame or fear. Through performance we also explore our connection as sisters and woman. We investigate how our identity is shaped by each other, our history and DNA; how our past is influencing our present. The syntheses, separation and repetition of these themes drive KINSFOLK towards challenging society's vies of the female form and how or emotions fit within. 



Photo by Geoff Fitzgerald

As HΩLY JÅCKÅL (Holly Timpener and Jack Bride), we find strength in our work through Power, Sex, Sexuality, Identity and the Transcendence found in these themes. We venture to dissolve personal barriers and explore new and strange modalities of being by plunging into the Unknown and bringing the intangible down to Earth.

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